Cobra Ironman 70.3 a family racecation

Two weeks from now, Cobra Ironman 2014 will be opening it’s registration. An A race for most, Cobra’s slots is predicted to be filled up faster than last years four day registration. Who knows, it could be a few hours this time?!

So, are you deciding – to join or not, to join or not (spoken like – he loves me, he loves me not) and you think about this while doing your laps (to join or not, to join or not), your runs, and your rides and of course while at work! Then you start dreaming about it!

Would be participants I speak to consider 4 major aspects for joining – family, time, cost and the capability to finish. But among all, family is the most important consideration as they will be there to witness your ups and downs from training, they may be neglected of your time too!  But it is them who will ease your fatigue and pain to your 70.3 dream.

This is the last year Cobra Ironman 70.3 will be held in Mactan, Cebu known as a coral island where it is best to go snorkeling and jet skiing. Shangri-la Mactan, the official race venue is a marine sanctuary too which gave me and my family a grand time when we conquered its waters. So why not make 2014 Cobra a racecation for you and the family?

Here are some photos of Cobra 70.3 2013 that will surely entice you to make next years cobra a family event!


Our only family photo during Cobra 2013



A Cobra dad participant fixing his little boys gears before Ironkids
Photo courtesy of Angelo Barretto



Time to wave at the photographer!
Photo courtesy of Angelo Barretto



No bad weather or bruise stopped this little girl from participating in the race
Photo courtesy of Angelo Barretto



Amazing isn’t it how this kids can swim, bike and run at a tender age!
Photo courtesy of Angelo Barretto



and now its the teens at Ironkids



Go Ironkids!



Spectators, mostly parents of course were eager to witness the kids racing.
Photo courtesy of Angelo Barretto.



I love this shot of Angelo with the wife wearing the medal, really sweet!



It is the family who will keep one reaching for that finish line!
Great family photo of finisher Jun Camahalan captured by Angelo Barretto!



Irondad and Ironson!
Photo courtesy of Angelo Barretto.



Can’t remember what I was telling my daughter Bea here haha. Maybe I was asking her for last minute swim tips!
Big thanks to Christopher Lepaopao of ShuterSpeed Sport Photography for our mother – daughter photo! High resolution file to be uploaded soon 🙂


The above are just some of the photos, to let everyone know that the yearly Cobra Ironman 70.3 is a family affair, a racecation as I have mentioned.  So, what’s keeping you from your signing up? We did and had fun, you will too!

Sabi nga nila, hindi lang pampamilya, pang isports pa!  (no English translation sorry)

So, go and make that dream a reality! Sign up on October 1, 8 a.m. at this link – Cobra 2014 registration

Note:  Kindly leave a comment or contact me please if you identify the athletes in this post so I may be abe to send them the high resolution file of their photos. Thanks!

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