Why my sister Lili should be your next Gameplan TV host

My youngest sister Lili recently submitted her audition video for Gameplan TV’s host search together with over 50 hopeful young ones vying for a male and female slot. All those who submitted the entries claim to be adventurous and into sport or even sports. So why should Lili be the next Gameplan host?

Pinayironmom.com Gameplan TV Host Search Lili Narvaez


Here are five reasons why you should vote for my sister Lili to be the next Gameplan host:

1) She communicates really well, both on paper and in person, Ingles man or Filipino (may it be in English or Filipino)

Her first taste of the performing arts started in high school, when she joined Assumpta Theatrica, the theater club in Assumption San Lorenzo. Eventually, she took up Fine Arts in Creative Writing in Ateneo. She then got employed writing for a leading magazine then moved on into the corporate world. Now she writes for a hi-tech Silicon Valley based company. As far as I know, she’s written everything from magazine articles to press releases to website content to celebrity profiles and even technical write-ups.

If you follow her on Twitter, @WordsByLili, you’ll see her tweets can be funny and witty, and even deep and poetic. And if you’re her Facebook friend, you’ll get to read her posts, which really should go on a blog!

Pinayironmom.com Gameplan TV Host Search Lili Narvaez

I mean, who has practically 100 likes for a Facebook status like this??


She makes friends easily, too, and she can strike up a conversation with just about anyone. She’s always the go-to person for entertainment cause she’s always so animated and expressive. I guess that’s why they always make her the host for office Christmas parties.

Pinayironmom.com Gameplan TV Host Search Lili Narvaez

Hosting the office Christmas party in 2011


Pinayironmom.com Gameplan TV Host Search Lili Narvaez

With her cue cards for Christmas party 2012


2) She makes time to train: day or night, on land or in water, injured or not…

We got her to join a relay team for the Cobra Ironman 70.3 because she’s been running for a while and she can be… fast. So she teamed up with my daughter Bea and coach Kaye Lopez of Fit + Academy and we knew we had a winning team!

She started to train for Cobra Ironman 70.3 in February with cross training in boxing, but she tore a knee ligament in late March. Lili was really sad when her doctor advised her she couldn’t run until June (barely 2 months before Cobra in August 4) and it made her really worried! She said, “It’s easy to be sad when you get hurt. But you just have to get over it and focus to get what you really want.” So from running, she switched to aqua jogging, which can be get really boring and tiring if you don’t concentrate! But she followed her program from Coach Kaye to the letter and didn’t miss a single session. It was her perseverance and discipline that brought the strong finishes despite the injury. Hosting would need the same attitude!

Pinayironmom.com Gameplan TV Host Search Lili Narvaez

Her first ever relay event and run race this year was Century Tuna 5150. She keeps saying she could’ve done better, but a second place finish isn’t so bad if you’ve been only running for three weeks after an injury, right?


Pinayironmom.com Gameplan TV Host Search Lili Narvaez

Fast forward to August in Cebu, and Fit + Academy were on the podium again in third place out of 21 teams!


3) …Even if she has a regular 9 to 6 (or 7 or 8 or 9 or 12 MN, depending on the day) job, and has a good amount of responsibilities, too.

She has your typical 9 to 6 job like most of us. But just like any normal job, it can require lots of extra hours. But somehow, she manages wisely to find time to do everything else. She’s been living on her own since she started working, and she does everything herself – cooking, cleaning, laundry, groceries, home repair. You name it, she can do it! Oh, and her cooking? Yummy! You should come over for Noche Buena!

Pinayironmom.com Gameplan TV Host Search Lili Narvaez

She cooks, really, not just fry! Lili makes the best lasagna and apple pie!


Pinayironmom.com Gameplan TV Host Search Lili Narvaez

One rainy afternoon while doing her laundry


4) She makes time for her family and friends.

It’s difficult to keep such a packed schedule, but Lili knows she needs quality time with her friends and family, too!

Pinayironmom.com Gameplan TV Host Search Lili Narvaez

Hanging out with college friends


Pinayironmom.com Gameplan TV Host Search Lili Narvaez

With office friends who flew all the way to stormy Cebu just to see her cross the finish line


When it comes to family, I know we can always count on her to be there, no matter what. My kids call her Tita I (pronounced like the letter “E”) and oh they love her so dearly! Even if we all don’t live together anymore, she maintains that very important and unique Filipino trait of upholding close family ties, not just with me, but with our parents and our other sister, Cielo.

Pinayironmom.com Gameplan TV Host Search Lili Narvaez

Silly family photo


5) Oh and, I’m not just saying this because she’s my sister, but she’s not bad to look at, right? Mas lamang lang ako ng isang paligo (Sorry, but I don’t know how to translate this in English!).

Pinayironmom.com Gameplan TV Host Search Lili Narvaez

Di ba tama isang paligo lang??!!


How do you vote for Lili as Gameplan TV’s next female host?

Click the “LIKE” icon found below the video at this link – http://www.whatsyourgameplan.tv/webisodes/video/host-search-lili/

So, that’s Lili, hope you can help her become the next Gameplan TV host! Thank you very much!


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