12 things to give a sporty lady for Christmas


No no, this is not my Christmas wish list okay? But just suggestions of what you can give a sporty lady, specifically one who’s into swimming, biking or running. Infact this can serve also as a guide of “must have items”. At the bottom of the list are the most costly ones but the rest are reasonable enough which she will surely appreciate. Let us start from the least expensive…

1. First on my list, sunblock! Any girl would have a bottle at least but of course she would be glad to have an extra one. What brand? Well let me suggest a few I have used that I will recommend. Neutrogena is the most popular and the safest for use by anyone. This is available in the nearest SM or Watsons branch. Even Mercury Drug carries this but it is cheaper by pairs in S and R. How much? About Php 500 a piece and up depending on the type, other brands can be Php 300 at least.

Another brand of sunblock I started using for the face is Murad, a little more costly than Neutrogena but it doesn’t sting the eyes. I observed too that even after 2 hours of biking, it seemed to have maintained its sun protection effect as I did not turn a bit red. Where to buy? Rustans Makati at the 5th floor and at Shangri-la Plaza Mall.

2. A body glide to protect skin prone to too much friction, yes to avoid of course those burning sensation brought by too much rubbing often times at the armpits, ouch! Currently available at the Brick Multi sport store at Php379.00 for the small bottle and Php400.00 for the bigger size.

3. Salt sticks, actually salt granules in a capsule. A friend gave me a bottle for Christmas last year which i started taking on long rides and races. A capsule every 30 minutes or so helped diminish those cramps I used to experience on long bike rides. This is indeed a bonk saver! Availble likewisein most sports shop. Found some at Brick Multi sport store at Php599.00 for 30 capsules and Php1,000.00 for a hundred capsules.

4. Choose from powdered power drinks by Gatorade, to the expensive which is doubly effective Accelerade. Imagine how much savings your lady friend will have if she doesn’t have to buy those bottled Gatorades?! Enough to treat you on a couple of Starbucks coffees! I saw a couple of small containers at SM Supermarket, Rustans Grocery and hopefully a few are left at S and R. The price, about Php 300.00 for the small container, the large one I believe was Php 700.00

Accelerade has been recommended by one of our coaches. It has been very effective on my races. Well, not everyone may like the taste but it gives that energy when one needs it. Tropical punch is a favorite! Small packs are available at Runner for about Php100.00 each.

5. Racing and vigorous training would need several types of nutrition. My favorite are Powerbar gels and bars. These can be stocking stuffers too! Brick Multi sport never runs out of these. Bikeking and Runner has quite a selection while Healthy Options never ran out of stock on their shelves as well. A pack is at least Php130.00.

6. Hairbands to keep hair away from our face! I suggest the Goody brands as they stay in place. A little costly compared to the not so popular brands, Goody has better designs and lasts longer. As stated on the poster above, Goody “stayputs”. Available now at Runner, SM Shoemart and Rustan’s from Php150.00 and up.

7. Non tie shoe laces or speed laces for the runner or tri lady. I use he brand Xtenex while my family use the Lock Laces. Xtenex is about Php795.00 while Lock Laces are more affordable at Php320.00 Both brands are very durable and have lasted for more than a year now. Stock are available at Runner and ROX.

8. Sun visor and caps for protection against Mr. Sun. Really good brand is Headsweats. Proven to be light and absorbs sweat efficiently, this brand comes in a wide range of colors to fit every stylish lady. I have been using their sunvisor I purchased more than a year ago and I can see this will last for another year of running and racing. Currently I couldn’t find stock of this but another brand, Halo that is very similar in quality is available at Runner.

9. Open water goggles by Blueseventy is a brand I have just started using. Though I have been used to my old Speedo, I can say I will be using Blueseventy too as it fits me perfectly like how Speedo does. Another good brand is Aqua Sphere which I recommend for the wide vision. I was just not born to have facial features fit for an Aqua Sphere, but no brand can match the wide and clear vision when I use Aqua Sphere’s goggles. Aquasphere and Blueseventy are both available at The Brick multi sport store from Php1,100.00

10. Compression socks by CEP or other brands such as 2XU, CWX, etc. But CEP comes in cute fuschia shade which looks fun to wear. Available at The Brick multi sport store from Php 2775.00

11. I know you are saying thats quite an expensive pair of socks, so why not buy a Camelbak water bottles instead? So many water bottles are available in the market, but Camelbak are very durable and insulated thus the contents take awhile to warm up. Available at ROX. Suggested retail price is about Php700.00. Whew efinitely cheaper than those pink socks!

12. And now, my favorite and is part of my wishlist! A very good pair of helmet for the lady biker, a Specialized Prevail!. According to our dear coach, among the non aero helmets, this is actually the most aerodynamic. You will be surprised at how light this helmet weighs plus there are numerous holes that aid in air circulation. The cost, well quite high, about Php 9000 up, available at Dan’s Bike Shop, Green Planet and Bike King.

Well, these are my suggested gifts. May you have a fun time shopping! However, let us not forget the real meaning of Christmas. It is not the gift giving, but of course the celebration of the birth of our Messiah!

Merry Christmas! Ho ho ho!




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