Caring for your Cobra 70.3 finishers medal

Finishers medal
photo courtesy of Mr. Kenneth Cobonpue’s Facebook page

The finisher’s medal and trophies for Cobra 70.3 were designed by internationally recognized furniture designer Kenneth Cobonpue. This is the most beautiful and intelligently designed medal I have seen in my not so many years of racing in the Philippines and abroad. The detail of the design especially the miniature athletes (though the form of the swimmer can be improved) have received a very positive response from both participants and non participants. However, to the disappointment of several the medals are fragile and breaks easily, thus requiring utmost care to these objects of commemoration.

Brass figure of swimmer
Photo courtesy of Mr. Kenneth Cobonpue’s Facebook page

Brass figure of biker
Photo courtesy of Mr. Kenneth Cobonpue’s Facebook page

Brass figure of runner
Photo courtesy of Mr. Kenneth Cobonpue’s Facebook page

I inquired from a very good source how I should take care of my medal, which now has been wrapped with my softest towel and packed in a box like the world’s most expensive jewel. Well, I learned more than the caring instructions I asked for. Infact this enlightened me and realized that there was no flaw in the design nor its projected quality. The medals and trophies have been designed only by Mr. Cobonpue but were not manufactured by their factory. The original design’s material was metal similar to the trophies but time has not been enough to fabricate all in Mr. Cobonpues exact specification. ┬áThus, the organizer had to settle for the ones we have.

Metal design which can be seen on the thropys
Photo courtesy of Mr. Kenneth Cobonpue’s Facebook page

The paratriathletes from Team Todo holding their 3rd place trophys for the all male relay category. Note that the material used for the circular parts of the design is metal. Photo courtesy of Team Todo

As an interior designer, we create a design considering several aspects – motif, function, quality and aesthetics. We specify the material based on these aspects as well. Often times, the quality of the finished product is not our original design since time and budget has to be reconsidered. It is a fulfillment for any designer to have his/her design produced in all its original specification.

Back to the caring instructions…my source advised that these medals should last more than a lifetime, however if treated as a work of art, rather than a commodity. Let us just be careful not to hit it or drop these. When cleaning, just lightly dust with a soft brush and keep away from strong sunlight.

I am definitely looking forward to Cobra Ironman’s 2013 finisher’s medal which will be designed too by Mr. Cobonpue.

Oh, and for those whose medals have broken accidentally, did Sunrise Events replace your medals? I was advised today via email by the Ironman Secretariat that they have to check if there are still available medals in the LBC truck that’s on its way back to Manila. Will update this post should there be a new info.

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