7 weeks before Cobra 70.3 – Last woman running

Today is the 1st 5i50 race held in the Subic, Philippines.  Unfortunately, since I had too much deadlines yesterday, I was not able to witness the event and see my husband race.  So, I was just given a workout for the weekend since our coach is racing too.  For Saturday, I had to do a 40k bike and 10k run.  My tri classmate Hazel (her’s was a 60k bike ride since she is only doing the bike leg for Cobra) and I had to do the workout by ourselves in Nuvali yesterday morning.  Since mommies like us had extra duties to finish, we started late, almost 8 a.m. in the sunny Laguna weather.

It was quiet when we got there, the usual tri people must have all gone to Subic for 5i50.  Only mountain bikers and very few triathletes were present infact.  We did the ride, no pressure, a relaxing pace with all the chit chats.  So, when I had to do my run after several phone calls from people hunting me for our deadline, the sun was way up burning! I wanted to give up after two kilometers! The heat was terrible! Gladly, I saw a female triathlete doing her brick too and told myself – oh I’m not alone! But after 2 rounds, I asked her how many more kilometers she to do, she said – just 15 more minutes!  Oh my, am I the only one running?  I lost track of the loops I did and varied several loops to see more land and more construction of the development undergoing in Nuvali. There were a few more guys doing their brick until they got fewer and fewer and gone…

I was the last woman running, infact the only one left in running in Nuvali at 11 a.m. It was my most peaceful visit there, alone in the vast lands of Sta. Rosa.

The heat was terrible, but there are only 7 weeks left till Cobra to train.

A reminder to myself and to all those training for Cobra – In Ironman there is NO “I can’t” only “I CAN!”

How’s your training everyone?  Please feel free to share!

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Pinay Ironmom is a typical mom who wakes up before 6 am to prepare my 3 children for school. After this, I make my husband coffee, similar to the Nescafe commercial on TV of a couple's typical morning. Work is normally a tour of Northern or Southern Luzon to inspect projects we are building, checking quality of designs or preparation of presentations to prospective clients. My schedule is flexible luckily, I can squeeze in hearty lunches with my favorite lunchmate and training early in the afternoon or right after business hours. Weekends are bike days on Saturdays at MOA or Daang Reyna and Sunday is my me time - my long run day. Oh warm ups and stretchings are trips to the grocery, cool down is hearing mass and giving thanks to God for a wonderful week. This is ME :)
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