Signing up for Ironman 70.3

Last year, I was only part of one of the relay teams who joined Cobra Ironman 70.3 Camsur. I told myself then that if the race site for 2012 will be in Cebu or any beach in the Philippines, I will participate and do the entire swim-bike-run. The murky waters of Camsur’s lake was intimidating especially for participants like me who started swimming almost a year ago only. Plus, I know somebody who trained but got frightened at the beginning of the swim part. He did not meet the 1:10 swim cut off time 🙁 I wouldn’t want to be in his situation nor those of the other guys who had to stop a few meters from the shore to hold on to the buoy because they were terrified.) The Philippines has 7,107 islands, a lot of options, but hopefully it will not be too hard for the Ironman organizers to decide which one to choose from!

So, when I learned on December 1st that the site for the 2012 event will be in sunny Cebu, I got excited and thought I WILL REGISTER! Of course, I had to consult first with our very conservative coach if I can finish the race and how tedious the training will be. (By the way, conservative means – she will not let me join races she knows I will not finish nor register for races that I will only get injured.) I also had to weigh factors, priorities and responsibilities of a working mom and wife. I even asked friends to be training buddies so the journey to Cobra 2012 and its training will be more fun than a barrel of monkeys. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to convince anyone to train with me (it was more like suffer with me for them haha.) But when our coach said “You can do it!” and my daughter even did a second that motion “Yes mommy you can, register now” I was convinced to register!

At the evening after the Milo Marathon race, I reminded myself to register. However, too much computer work made me completely forget about my agenda that night. The following day, words spread that registration ended. Oh no! I was so disappointed!

A few days after I tried clicking all the links. Told myself that there could have been just something wrong with the Ironman website and the link to thus no more local (Philippine based) registrants were accepted. I did not give up! On December 14, I tried the registration once more with the link to bank to bank payment and my registration was accepted. Confirmation for registration was sent to my email immediately right after too!

So, on August 5, 2012, I have a date with you IRONMAN!

About pinayironmom

Pinay Ironmom is a typical mom who wakes up before 6 am to prepare my 3 children for school. After this, I make my husband coffee, similar to the Nescafe commercial on TV of a couple's typical morning. Work is normally a tour of Northern or Southern Luzon to inspect projects we are building, checking quality of designs or preparation of presentations to prospective clients. My schedule is flexible luckily, I can squeeze in hearty lunches with my favorite lunchmate and training early in the afternoon or right after business hours. Weekends are bike days on Saturdays at MOA or Daang Reyna and Sunday is my me time - my long run day. Oh warm ups and stretchings are trips to the grocery, cool down is hearing mass and giving thanks to God for a wonderful week. This is ME :)
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